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Each donor may designate a gift reflecting their passion, vision and philanthropic support for current use or a gift may be endowed beginning at the $25,000 level. Such gifts may be given outright or may be developed using a number of planned giving instruments such as a bequest through an estate, a charitable gift annuity, life insurance or other gifting channels.

The United Way of Forsyth County Foundation staff will work individually with each person to create their gift in the most meaningful way possible to ensure each donor’s gift will accomplish their personal intentions and fulfill their vision and passion to support essential areas of need.

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Endow The Annual Tocqueville Society Gift: $200,000.00

Your gift will provide, in perpetuity, resources that will work in support of our community and the critical needs of our residents. An endowment at this level will produce $10,000 annually that will address basic needs, education, financial stability and raising the standard of living in our neighborhoods.

Examples of key and strategic need areas in which you might invest a gift in support of your life passions:


  • Decrease mortality rate from heart disease and diabetes
  • Decrease the mortality rate of cancer
  • Decrease youth tobacco use
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  • Increasing the high school graduation rate to 90%
  • Increasing at-grade-level in reading in math by the end of 3rd and 8th grades
  • Soft skill development for post-secondary opportunities
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  • Increase the number of individuals making a living wage and/or a job with benefits
  • Decrease asset poverty rate from 25.7% in 2015 to 22% in 2020
  • Assist 1500 families with no savings to save at least $300 each year
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  • Provide a baseline of support and emergency assistance in the areas of food, utilities, disaster and shelter
  • End chronic homelessness
  • Decrease average length of stay in shelters to 30 days or less
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  • In 2016, United Way of Forsyth County will invest $2.8 Million in 22 programs focused on strengthening 13 Place Matters neighborhoods. Raise the standard of living in these neighborhoods over the next 10-20 years with their involvement and leadership.
  • Support initiatives aimed to address Unemployment and Underemployment
  • Support Multi-generational issues and needs
  • Support efforts and initiatives for Healthy Living
  • Support of Enhancement & betterment of Housing Stock & Fresh Use of Vacant Lots
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